The Vision for the Elliott Library

The Elliott Library holds a great collection of print and electronic resources that are available to students and researchers. The Elliott Library contains a curated selection of materials in the areas of Bible, Theology, Practical Ministries, Evangelism, Missions, and Ancient History. The library plans to continue to expand resources on the Restoration Movement and its continued relevance today.

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Continuing the Legacy

In November of 1968 the George Mark Elliott Library opened its doors at Cincinnati Christian University. For 52 years in the library was a staple in the community of Ministers in Cincinnati. It held resources that equipped students and leaders to share the Gospel in countries all around the world.

In 2019, when Cincinnati Christian University announced its closure, the team at Central Christian College of the Bible in Missouri came alongside the George Mark Elliott Library to save the legacy that it had created.

Now to honor our past and celebrate our future, the Elliott Library has a new home at the Christian Church Leadership Center in Florence, KY.

What People Are Saying About The Library


The history that the Library holds makes it a special and inviting place. The Rare Books section of the Library is the most special place of it all as it contains special books and recordings that date back to the 100’s. The Library provides our churches and ministers with that resources need to continue the work of the church.

Rick Beyer
Library Volunteer & CCU Alumni

With its 50,000 volumes and vast collection of archeological and historical artifacts, the Elliott Library is Greater Cincinnati’s go-to resource for biblical education. The Christian Church Leadership Foundation is honored to make this resource available to churches, church leaders, and serious Bible students everywhere.

Shawn McMullen
VP of Partner Relations | CCLFoundation

We knew the great resource even when we were students. It was a source of comfort knowing that it was there, it has always solidified the Restoration Movement was really about. Some look for a campus, or a building, or education for the life of a school. The life comes from this library. We are so glad to see it live on.

David and Patti Jefferson
Library Volunteers & CCU Alumni

My family is deeply connected to the Elliott Library, I am excited to see the legacy of my great-grandfather carried on in Florence under the direction of Jim Lloyd.

Micah Odor
Campus Dean | Russel School of Ministry
Great-Grandson of George Mark Elliott
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The library hosts events to help create a space to engage ministry staff, leaders, and members of the community. Through these events, the library aims to provide education on important topics in the church and the church's history.

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