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CCL Lunch-and-Learn: Using AI Responsibly in Ministry

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Every day, we see the development of new AI tools and hear stories about people creating amazing new things with AI. How do these tools work? Are they actually helpful, or just interesting? And what are the ethics of using these new tools in a ministry context?

Join us for lunch as Micah Odor interviews a panel of practitioners with varying opinions on the best approaches to using AI in ministry.



Micah Odor--Micah is the Executive Director of the Christian Church Leadership Network. He works to equip, support, and encourage preachers and ministers in Cincinnati and around the country.



Jacob Blouse--Jacob is the Online Minister for the Wilmington Church of Christ. He has a passion to see the church reach people with the gospel of Jesus online, fostering a digital community, and spreading the message of faith to a broader audience.


Kyle Cannon--Kyle has served at White Oak Christian church for 15 years and since 2021 served as the Digital Experience Pastor. In overseeing the church's digital landscape, he advocates for a mindful approach to technology, shaping it to fulfill our God-given mission to make disciples in today's digital age.


Joseph Porter--Joseph is the Owner/Filmmaker at Innovatory Films, a specialist in crafting stories of impact for nonprofits. After being on a church staff for 10 years, he also consults with churches and nonprofits with story-telling culture, fundraising, and communications.


James Scott--James is the Minister of Discipleship and Connections at the Hillsboro Church of Christ in Hillsboro, Ohio. With a background in digital marketing and IT, he brings a unique set of eyes to the role of technology in ministry.

Florence, Kentucky Campus

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Registration closed on Tuesday, February 27, 2024